Stephanie Fungsang

Occupational Therapist (OTR/L)

I am a certified yoga teacher (500 RYT, 200 E-RYT). I have been practicing yoga for ~15 years and teaching for the last decade.


yoga teaching

My interests lie in helping people simply feel good, as well as understanding the science and research behind the impact of these practices. Yoga has contributed positively to my life and I am motivated to share the benefits with others.

I have taught in a wide variety of spaces and settings with students of all ages and abilities.

A light-hearted and compassionate teacher, I create an environment where every human being can feel good and practice living joyfully. I always emphasize safety and accessibility in the practice.  I will remind you to breathe fully, and move with ease and grace to the best of your abilities. Most importantly, we will enjoy our practice and keep it light!  

class offerings

I offer private sessions and group classes. I have experience working with children and seniors, as well as teaching yoga and movement workshops in corporate/workplace settings. Interested? Send me a note on the “contact” page.

what some of my students say

"Through her grace and skill, Stephanie creates a peaceful learning environment within which I can further my yoga practice and rejuvenate my spirit." - M. class student

"I'm really thankful for the way you meet students where they are in their lives. You teach a yoga that truly is for every body, heart and mind. You intuit students' needs and observe strengths well, and help students to explore them in your class. You helped me appreciate the anatomy of the harder poses and made them accessible (and even enjoyable!) with props and encouragement, all with a levity that defused my frustration. The experience continues to remind me to think creatively and gently when I'm met with a challenge." - S. class student

"It takes a special person to help make yoga come alive--you do this for me." - T. class student