as the mind, so the person. bondage and liberation are all in your own mind.
— patanjali's sutras, book I
Driveway practice. Photo credit Joseph Fungsang

Driveway practice. Photo credit Joseph Fungsang

my yoga teaching

I began playing with yoga over fifteen years ago and have cultivated that seed of discovery ever since. My interests lie in helping people simply feel good, as well as understanding the science and research behind the impact of these practices.

I have taught in a wide variety of spaces with students ranging from 1 to 90 years old. It is truly a joy and a pleasure to share healthy movement, breath, and space with each unique individual.  I always like to think, "open hips, open mind."  Come play!

how my teaching feels

I am inspired by how consciously moving the body and the breath can help us slow down our brains and bring some quiet focus inward, rather than out. Reconnecting with self, external concerns can momentarily fall away...until they inevitably return, and the practice continues, moment to moment.

Consciously movebreathe deep, feel sensations, become aware of body and mind--this often includes thoughts or distractions, which is totally okay--and then just do it again. And again. Consciously move,  breathe,  feel,  notice...  Move, breathe,  feel,  notice... Move,  breathe,  feel,  notice...  

A light-hearted and compassionate teacher, I create an environment where every human being can feel good and practice living joyfully. I always emphasize safety and accessibility in the practice.  I will remind you to feel grateful, to breathe fully, and move with ease and grace.  Most importantly, we will enjoy our practice and keep it light!  


I am a 500-hour certified instructor through ISHTA Yoga (Integrated Science of Hatha Tantra and Ayurveda) in New York City and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance.  I have completed additional trainings in Restorative Yoga/Yoga Nidra, Prenatal Yoga, and Anatomy for Therapeutics. I am deeply grateful for the many teachers I have studied with, which include Alan Finger and Sarah Finger (co-founders of Ishta Yoga), Mona Anand, Jean Koerner, Gina Menza, Kristin Leal, Margot Milcetich, and many more. My training in other forms of movement, including dance and martial arts, informs my teaching, and I enjoy playing with creative sequencing within an intelligent structure.

Photo credit Alan Finger

Photo credit Alan Finger

class offerings

Private Sessions

I offer private classes for both individuals and groups.  Working privately, one-on-one, allows me to give you my fullest attention and create an experience that is unique to you: your body, level of experience, life style, and needs & interests. Together we can create a customized format of sessions that will benefit your work and life schedule. I have seen the benefits of a dedicated private practice in helping students reach their goals, which can range anywhere from attaining arm balances and inversions to finding deep relaxation at the end of a long day.  

Corporate Yoga

Yoga in the workplace benefits employees and employers alike, with positive effects both on and off the clock. Whether first thing in the morning, mid-day, or in the evening, a customized yoga class that suits the needs of your company is energizing, sharpens focus, and increases productivity while promoting relaxation. A healthy body is a healthy mind.  

Group classes

I like to begin with gentle movement and centering breath exercises, gradually increasing the intensity and pace of the postures, and eventually wind down with deep, soothing stretches.  




Seniors Yoga/Fitness

I have worked closely with seniors of varying ages, conditions, and experience.  I enjoy this type of work tremendously, and can assist you, a family member, or friend, have a fun session of any level while avoiding injury and enjoying some exercise. This could be anything from using chairs and props, to an upbeat, cardio session.  You will practice mental alertness and clarity, maintain your agility and physical strength, and teach your body to be mobile and flexible.

Kids and Family Yoga

I offer private classes for children, and if the adults want to join, it turns into a fun family session!  A fun yoga class incorporating poses, games, and songs can be fun for any play date session.

what students say

"I'm really thankful for the way you meet students where they are in their lives. You teach a yoga that truly is for every body, heart and mind. You intuit students' needs and observe strengths really well, and you help students to explore them in your class. I always smile when I think of being in your class and confronting the wide-legged seated forward bend, i.e. my least favorite asana of all time. You helped me appreciate the anatomy of the pose and made it accessible (and even enjoyable!) with props and encouragement, all with a levity that defused my frustration. The experience continues to remind me to think creatively and gently when I'm met with a challenge, and I have you to thank for that!" - S., class student

"Through her grace and skill, Stephanie creates a peaceful learning environment within which I can further my yoga practice and rejuvenate my spirit." - M., class student

"It takes a special person to help make yoga come alive--you do this for me." - T., class student

Hanging out at an ancient fort in Rajasthan, India. Photo credit Mark Waterman

Hanging out at an ancient fort in Rajasthan, India. Photo credit Mark Waterman