Stephanie Fungsang

Occupational Therapist (OTR/L)

Teaching and Experiencing at the Omega Institute

I recently returned from the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY where I had the pleasure of teaching yoga as core faculty for a week.  It was truly a gift to spend a full week on the campus, experiencing fresh air and nature, friendly and inspiring staff/faculty, and the unique tranquility and community that Omega specializes in creating. 
I am so grateful for the time and space I had for myself, balanced with the (15 or so) classes I taught to both guests and staff throughout the week, and the other offerings with amazing faculty. I spent time on the trails, breathing in the scent of fresh earth, dew, and sunshine; I sat in the Sanctuary at the top of the hill quietly; I shared healthy, tasty meals with new and friendly faces each day. Every person I encountered on the paths through campus always met my eyes with a smile. I think it brought out the best in me and I was able to give that back in return. Although I'm not much of a morning person, I woke up around 5:30am each day to prepare for my classes, walk to the staff kitchen to make my tea, and do some writing. It was a contemplative, insightful time.
It makes returning to NYC a little bit challenging right now, but with spring blossoming, I'm easing back into the city pace and still seeing beauty all around me.

I highly recommend a visit to Omega for anyone and everyone--whether just for an R&R weekend or for a specific workshop (they have many offerings).  Who knows, next time you go it might be me teaching the open yoga classes! Check out their site here.
I look forward to visiting again myself, whether as staff or just as a visitor.  Many thanks Omega!

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